ADSO's 2014 Priorities & Goals

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1. Restoring fair indexation as well to the under 55s and to those on Military Superannuation Benefits Scheme (MSBS).
2. Restoring DVA Disability Pension Indexation to parity as legislated by the Coalition in 2007 but removed by Rudd Labor in 2009.


1. Restoring fair indexation to DFRB/DFRDB recipients under 55, particularly to those on invalidity pensions, so that their pensions also maintain purchasing power;

2. Extending fair indexation to MSBS members;

3. Portability of employer benefits on discharge for those with preserved MSBS entitlements;

4. Abolition of MSBS maximum benefit limits;

5. Extension of Military Superannuation to ADF Reserve Members; and

6. Commutation. For commutation purposes we need immediate use of up to date life expectancy tables for calculating discharging DFRDB members fortnightly reduction amount to repay commutation and rectification of past injustices resulting from the use of out of date life tables.

Other veterans' related issues

1. Restoration of DVA Disability Pension indexation to parity as legislated by the Coalition Government in 2007 but removed by the Labor in 2009. Veterans' Disability Pension is compensation for injury and foregone ability to earn wages/salary;

2. Improving Integrated People Support Systems – to fix deficiencies in service to civil transition processes; 

3. Increasing support for veterans' health care, particularly mental health; and

4. Promoting a Military Charter or set of protocols to underpin the relationship between Parlioament and the ADF.

These goals are not all inclusive and will be actively pursued concurrently to the extent of our resources. Other goals will be added as appropriate.

You are invited to submit other issues that you believe must be included with supporting reasons.

Ken Railton 24.12.2014 (11:20:18)  
Reversionary benefits as a major objective Yes No  

David,Ted, Alf et al,
What a great job you blokes are doing and how proud we all are of you and what you are achieving.
There is always a but and mine is about those we leave behind. I think that you would find if we had the statistics that members of our community do not spend as much time on this planet as the average citizen.
The stats are also there that our spouse benefits are the lowest of the comparable three: pollies, pubic servants and us!
Yet, ours are left on their own more, face the real fact that their blokes may not be coming home and, at least for the current generation who may need this; moved at the drop of a hat with very little say in the matter. So, no one could argue that they didn't have the roughest deal and yet:
[[*]they get the worst deal,
they always had it worst, and
we do NOT include them in our highest priorities.
I know that is politics and you have to tailor what you want, but I can't help feeling that we have done our better halves in the face for just another occasion!
No idea how you would do it, but any help a geriatric could provide is as usual ready and willing, the ableis no longer a claim I can make in all circumstances, but this would not cost a lot would show that they guys and girls are appreciated for what they sacrifice as much as for what they give and it is just plain old Aussie fair!

Your right Ken. We do need to raise this to a higher priority and with the ADF spouses speaking out is a real opportunity to do it. Ted

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