History of the Fair Go Campaign

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 28 July 2010. The public launch of the FAIR GO! Election Campaign was held on the lawns in front of Parliament House Canberra.



24 May 2010 

Robert Oakeshotts MP (Indp - Lyne) private members motion debated:
That the House:
(1) should consider increasing the Military Superannuation Pension twice annually by the greatest of either the Consumer Price Index, the Pensioner and Beneficiary Living Cost Index or the Male Total Average Weekly Earnings; and
(2) should do this in recognition of the unique circumstances of military service compared to all others within the public service.
The Motion was seconded by Bob Katter MP
On behalf of the 64,000 Australians unfairly affected by having their military superannuation pensions continue losing purchasing power and therefore a continual erosion in their standard of living (unlike many other Australians), the DFWA thanks Mr Oakeshott for his support. We look forward to all sides of the political spectrum supporting Mr Oakeshott and more importantly, take the necessary steps to right this wrong. The Hansard Report of the Motion, debated in the House is here.



25 Nov 2009. DFWA and others meet with Minister Tanner. DFWA file note here.

9 Nov 2009 Public Meeting. The ACT DFWA with ACT SCOA held a public meeting at the Ainslie Football Club Canberra. At least 500 people attended and the mood of the meeting was strong, with many calling for a tougher campaign. The media including ABC TV was present. Labor Senator Kate Lundy and Liberal Senator  Gary Humphries addressed the meeting. Local Labor MPs Mike Kelly, Annette Ellis and Bob McMullan. were represented by their chiefs of staff.

 HISTORY 1948 - 2008

16 Jul 2008.


Joint RSL DFWA NAA RAAFA Submission to Indexation Review

01 May 2008. DFWAs pre-Budget statement on the indexation of military retirement pensions


20 Mar 2008.

Cost of Living Pressures. The Senate Community Affairs Committee, in the report of its inquiry into Cost of living pressures on older Australians, recommended immediate action by the Government to "index Commonwealth funded superannuation benefits and the military pension to Male Total Average Weekly Earnings or the Consumer Price Index, whichever is the higher, as is currently the practice with the age pension."


 10 Jan 2008

Parliamentary Library Research Paper: Military superannuation – myths and reality



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ztTbtbACeQ adobePDFIcon
Press Release


adobePDFIcon 2010 Election Campaign - Overview
adobePDFIcon FAct Sheet 1 - Military Superannuation
adobePDFIcon Fact Sheet 2 - Disability Pensions 
adobePDFIcon Fact Sheet 3 - Military Compensation
adobePDFIcon Fact Sheet 4 - Veterans Health
WordIcon A Suggested Letter to your candidate
adobePDFIcon DFWA Press Release Cost of the
Coalition Promise to index DFRDB pensions
adobePDFIcon An Open letter to the Prime Minister
adobePDFIcon Fact shhet that rebutts critics
excelIcon  Electorate information

Keith 20.11.2016 (18:05:59)  
DFRDB History Yes No  

Any body know how much the government spent on the the Australian embassy built in Paris France in the 70's, did the (confiscated in the 70's) DFRDB fund pay for it?
Regards Keith Mackintosh

Michael S Welford 01.07.2013 (13:51:08)  
MSBS Yes No  

I do not have a web site,.
I am a Lifetime member.
Recently wrote to Peter Hendy about indexation and wrote letters back in Howard and the 1st coming of Krudd...!
Generally no replies or support at PM level, though Kelly and Nairn did respond.

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