ADF 2014 WRA Released by CDF

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On Friday 10 October, the CDF released the details of the Workplace Remuneration Arrangement (WRA) Offer to the ADF (copy below).

"The agreed position that will be taken to the DFRT next week will seek a salary increase of 4.5% over the three year life of the WRA with an annual increase of 1.5% being paid from 6 November this year."

ADF members are invited to complete this short questionnaire which will assist the DFWA in makings its submission on your behalf to the Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal, which will meet next Wednesday to consider the Offer.


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ALP Media Release - Government Should Immediately Reconsider ADF Wages Deal

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David Feeney MP. Shadow Minister for Defence, Shadow Minister for Veterans' Affairs and Member for Batman

Gai Brodtmann MP. Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Defence and Member for Canberra


Labor has today called on the Abbott Government to reconsider immediately its wage offer for Australian Defence Force personnel, which will see real wages in the ADF fall over the next twelve months.

Labor is very concerned that our ADF personnel are being short-changed.

Why on earth is our defence force being asked to give up their Christmas leave and accept a pay deal that will see their wages fall over the next twelve months?

Over the past three years, ADF wages have increased by an average of 3 per cent every year.

This offer is half that at only 1.5 per cent – well under inflation. It will see real wages fall, and they will also lose recreational and Christmas leave.

The Abbott Government should be ensuring a better deal for our ADF personnel, especially at a time when so many are deployed overseas away from their families.

Does this deal mean that personnel who are serving overseas no longer get leave in lieu over Christmas?

This pay offer follows a decision by the Abbott Government back in January to cut the pay and conditions of ADF personnel serving in Afghanistan and the Middle East.

Australia asks our ADF personnel to defend our country and protect our national security – the very least the Government can do is pay them properly and give them proper leave.

This cut to the ADF's pay and conditions should be reconsidered immediately.

Saturday 11 October 2014

Media Contacts: Kate Hanns (Feeney) 0423 974 363 and Madeleine Firth (Brodtmann) 0422 664 772

Centre for wounded Australians opens in Canberra

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Centre for wounded Australians opens in Canberra IMGSoldier On has opened the Robert Poate Centre, the newest addition to the Soldier On Reintegration and Recovery Network and the first of its kind in the ACT.

The Centre, named after Private Robert Poate, a Canberra-born soldier killed in action in 2012, was opened by Robert's parents, Hugh and Janny.

It will deliver support services and community activities designed to aid in the rehabilitation of both serving and ex-serving Defence personnel who have been affected by their service.

Hugh Poate said he and his wife Janny considered it an honour that Soldier On had decided to name the Canberra Reintegration and Recovery Centre after their son, Robert.

The Robert Poate Centre will offer drop in and counselling services, as well as community events such as personal training sessions, coffee catch ups and family events.

It will also serve as the charity's headquarters, where programs that span the country will be coordinated.

CEO of Soldier On, John Bale said the new Centre was an exciting development for the care offered to our wounded around Australia.

"We hope to duplicate these types of drop-in Centres throughout the country so that anyone who needs the assistance, knows where they can find it," Bale said.

"We want to be a one-stop-shop for Australia's wounded and their families, collaborating with other organisations to ensure they have the world's best care available."

He said as demand and funding increases, the Centre in Canberra will expand to offer career counselling, training workshops and other programs to encourage successful rehabilitation and a positive and successful future for our wounded.

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ADF Current Issues - Overview

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The ADSO  "FAIR GO!" campaign is an issues based, apolitical (non partisan) campaign to correct existing wrongs and improve the well being of the Defence Family.
It began with the formal establishment of The Alliance of Defence Service Organisations (ADSO) comprising DFWA, NAA, RAAFA, RAR Corporation, ASASA, APPVA and VVAA  prior to the 2010 Federal Election to influence all political parties to accept our objectives and in Government to implement them.

ADSO is dedicated to protecting the interests and entitlements of the Defence Family related to their specific employment service contract. Paramount in that Family are the ADF current serving and past serving members and their families. It does this through DFWAs advocacy representation direct to related authorities, the Government and the Parliament.  But we need your help to identifying those issues.

Current issues 

    • Military Superannuation Benefits Scheme (MSBS). There are a number of inequities with MSBS which we are attempting to highlight to get resolved. To date we have been unsuccessful in influencing the Government and Opposition to include indexation of MSBS pensions and preserved benefits in their 2013 Election military superannuation policies. But we will not relent in our efforts to correct this exclusion and injustice. See our latest Flyer in The Defence Newspapers 12 August issue, Army, Navy and Air Force.

You can help us to help you by commenting on these issues and identifying others.


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