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Election 2016 Status Report 


This STATUS REPORT compares the veteran policies, released by those major and minor parties, to ADSO's major policy objectives, in the last few weeks and days.

The REPORT is based on the known Veteran Policies of the parties and statements given to us. It is NOT an endorsement of any political party, but highlights how parties are currently addressing or intend to address ADSO's key objectives to support veterans . and their families. 

ADSO is pleased to see that the major parties have introduced some additional initiatives for mental health, suicide and homelessness issues but very disappointed that they have continued to ignore veterans’ major issues: 

  1. Restoration of veterans' disability payment obligations,
  2. Removal of the discriminatory provisions of the military superannuation schemes and
  3. Enactment of a military covenant formally stating the Nation’s obligations to its service personnel and their families.

To the Australian Defence Community of current ADF serving men and women, veterans and their immediate families and friends; this REPORT will better inform you to make your decision as we vote on Saturday. This is of course one of many issues we will all consider in our democratic process that many of our former servicemen and women have made the ultimate sacrifice.

ADSO will continue to update the STATUS REPORT prior to the Election day. And thereafter will update it regularly during the 45th Parliament as we continue to pursue these objectives through engagement with the newly elected Parliament and the Australian people.

ADSO will not forget ...



Col Dunn 02.07.2016 (04:11:03)  
Re our Connection to Collaborate Yes No  

As a 45/75 Veteran I stand ready to do whatever it takes to get the politicians to face up to the facts and the truth.
Further more the last remaining Veteran from WW11 who is still alive today and in whom is my Uncle. Our family, George is one of us. A true Blue believer in Christ is King.
Therefore I speak on his behalf of George and all our lost men and women from war,for our freedom & to make the Government accountable.

Here is how you can help us http://adso.org.au/ On the Home Page, look for the box HELP US BY and choose. Come join us.

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