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The Alliance of Defence Organisations - ADSO - is the active voice of the Australian Defence Community to the Australian Government, Parliament and people.

It represents 17 Partner Organisations from Warriors to Widows and fights to protect the entitlements and conditions for serving ADF personnel, veterans, and their families.

Add your voice and join us!

United We Stand


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Many veterans feel they have been forgotten by successive Governments ....

Another Australian Election is upon us, on 2 Jul 16 ...

On ANZAC Day and in the lead up to every election, Australia's leaders have spoken about the sacrifice of those that have been killed on service and that 'we will never forget' veterans, particularly wounded or injured veterans, who have returned from various operations abroad and at home.

They have all acknowledged the incredible debt owed to the 'fallen' and to veterans and their families, many of whom now suffer and in some cases struggle to survive ...

All of our leaders deliver very fine words ...

Veterans, disabled 'diggers', widows and their families want to see those words turned into Policy, proper funding, and ongoing support ...

Lest We Forget’

This video was produced by Colonel Ray Martin (Retd) ADSO's Townsville representative and member of ADSO's Advisory Group.
20th June 2016

Video Veterans' Disability Pensions - The Right Thing To Do

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Veterans' Disability Pensions (Compensation Payments) need to be fixed NOW

Successive Australian Governments have neglected to keep PM billy Hughes's Bargain to veterans

Its Time during The Centenary of ANZAC for this Australian Parliament to honour The Bargain and Do The Right Thing and restore the adequacy of the veterans' disability payments.

Read The Australian Federation of Totally and Permanent Incapacitated Ex-Servicemen & Women Ltd's letter to the PM

Video - Defence Families Fight Unfair Pay Deal

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In November 2014 the Government approved a pay deal for the ADF servicemen and women:  1.5% increase per annum over the next three years wich is substantially les less than the Government's budgetted cost of living which means a virtual pay cut.

Because these ADF men and women cannot speak out against this unfair decision, Sarah Lowe, the wife of a serving soldier, has produced this video with the support of other defence families to speak out for them 


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