Video - Trojans' Trek

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Trojans' Trek - veterans helping veterans - is a unique South Australian program to assist contemporary veterans adjust in dealing with mental health conditions after combat deployments. A group of Vietnam veterans have already taken it upon themselves to help recently returned veterans deal with post-traumatic stress.

Trojans' Trek takes soldiers out bush into the Flinders Ranges, getting them to talk about their own experiences and hearing from Vietnam Veterans about where they made mistakes re-entering civilian life.

This video captures the experience.

Visit here for further information on Trojans' Trek

Video - Wounded Commando Veterans' Affairs story - Geoff Evans

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Former Commando and Australian Vet Affairs Advocate Geoff Evans - wounded in Afghanistan - speaks with Senator Elect and ex-digger Jacqui Lambie from the Palmer United Party, about a dysfunctional and under resourced Veterans' Affairs government department.

Geoff describes how a boost in the Client Liason Unit and a policy of positive discrimination in favour of young diggers when employing staff for the Department of Veteran Affairs - will help save lives.

Watch it here

Video - Sustainable Costs of Living

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See the National Seniors video here.

Then relate that to your experience trying to live off your military superannuation pension or your DVA Disability Pension

You may care to explore the benefits of the National Seniors membership

ADSO Video - Election in the Cross Hairs

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Election in the Crosshairs is a poignant look at military life that will dramatically capture your interest and concern.

Follow the military action sequences and see the impact of Government policy on the military community, including past and present members of the Australian Defence Force. It all comes to a head with Air Vice Marshal Peter Criss revealing the truth behind the election hype of the political parties in relation to veteran issues.


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This will probably be our last video before the election. Lets make it count!


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